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Equipment > Brake Lathes > Parts / Accessories > Brake Lathe Arbors

Brake Lathe Arbors

All Accu Branded Lathe come standard with interchangeable Arbors.
Designed for maximum flexibility any of our lathes can easily switch mounting arbors.
Arbor Model No


Arbor 1” Standard
1" (25 mm) x 10”

Included with all new lathe purchases models: 7700, 8910, 8911, 8920, 8922, 8944, 8989, 8990, 8991, 8993, 8985 and 8997

* Shown with 433713 Arbor Nut sold separately.



Arbor 1” Optional – Longer
1” (25 mm) x 12”

2 inch Longer arbor.
For use with deeper profile drums, rotors or flywheels that require mounting further out on arbor to prevent contact with lathe housing.

* Shown with 433713 Arbor Nut sold separately.



Small Arbor 11/16” Assembly – Foreign Cars

For center-holes with less than one inch inside diameter. Also handles splined hubbed rotors and drums. Some applications are: Honda, Datsun, Toyota, many imports, and many domestics.

Included with the 433798 adapter are:

  • 434652 Arbor, 11/16" (18mm)
  • 434476 Spacer, 1" (25mm)
  • 434477 Spacer, 1/2" (13mm)
  • 434478 Arbor Nut
  • 434479 Centering Cone
  • 433164 Alignment Washers

arbor assembly


Large Arbor 1-7/8” Assembly – Heavy Duty
1-7/8” (48 mm) x 18”

For Truck – Bus – RV applications. Handles both hubbed and Hubless truck drums, rotors and flywheels above 350 series.

Requires Heavy-Duty Adapter set ( 434465 )

Included with the 434055 assembly are:

  • 434655 Arbor, 1-7/8" (48mm)
  • 434653 Arbor Nut
  • 434654 Nut Wrench

arbor assembly


Elongated 1-7/8” Arbor Set with Outboard Support Assembly
1-7/8” (48 mm) x 22”

Increases weight capacity to 600 lbs. Use with 8989 series lathe using 434465 HD Adapter Set. Applications include mounting dual wheels and tire assemblies.

Included with the assembly are:

  • 434468 Elongated Arbor, 1-7/8" (48 mm)
  • 434653 Arbor Nut
  • 434654 Nut Wrench
  • 434467 Outboard Support Assembly



Specialty Arbor Setup


Small Hole Flywheel Arbor Assembly

For mounting Hyundai and Honda flywheels, and any other flywheels with center-holes too small for the standard 1" arbor (433701).

arbor spacer


Bolt-on Drum / Rotor Arbor Assembly

For Bolt-on style Drum / Rotors.

Permits mounting of closed hole Mazda and Hyundai, Subaru, Champ and Colt rotors.

Included with the adapter are:

  • two 3/8" x 3/4" cap screws
  • two 3/8" washers
  • two 10mm x 1.25 x 25 mm hex head bolts

arbor spacer


Chuck Adapter for Starter and Generator Armatures, Transmission Drums, etc.

Provides adaptation to a diversity of special applications. Requires ¾” capacity, # 3 Jacobs taper mounting chuck, which may be purchased locally.

chuck arbor


Large Center-Hole Three-Jaw Chuck for 1" Arbor

Unique, versatile adapter which allows mounting of large center-holed flywheels and rotors (5.25"-7.5") such as VW, Omni, Horizon, etc… Includes two sets of jaws.



Extra Large Center-Hole Three-Jaw Chuck for 1-7/8” Arbor

Used for mounting heavy-duty hubless truck drums and rotors and any other items to be machined which have large center-holes (7.75" to 13.5"). 1-7/8" arbor and outboard support are required (434466).

3jaw chuck

Important Arbor Related Accessories


Arbor Nut

1" Arbor nut.

arbor nut


Self-Aligning 1” Washer Assy

Washer set prevents misalignments resulting in costly rotor/drum runout damage. Use on all adaptor setups before tightening 433713 Arbor Nut. Installed concave to convex with flat surfaces to the outside. Applies uniform compression while properly centering adapters and work piece on arbor.

arbor washer


Arbor 1” Spring

1” Arbor spring. Used on all Centering Cones setups. Applications include mounting of hubless rotors, drums and open center Flywheels.

arbor spring


Arbor 1-7/8” Spring

Heavy-Duty Arbor Spring. Used on all Centering Cones setups. Applications include mounting of hubless rotors, drums and open center Flywheels.

heavy duty arbor spring



Arbor Spacers 1” x 1” (25 mm)

Arbor Spacers 1-7/8” x 3” (77 mm)
Arbor Spacers 1-7/8” x 2” (51 mm)
Arbor Spacers 1-7/8” x 1” (25 mm)

Additional Spacers can be found on our Adapters Page.

arbor spacer

Arbor Adaptor Step-Down Sets

Greatly increased usage of Adapter with various size arbors.
Allows larger center hole adapters to be mounted on smaller arbors.


Step-down Set 1-7/8” to 1”

Allows for use of 1-7/8" adapters on standard 1" arbor (433701). Includes three 535641 adapters.

adapter set stepdown


Step-down Set 1” to 11/16”

Allows for use of 1" adapters on 11/16" arbor (433798).

adapter set stepdown

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