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Equipment > Brake Lathes > Parts / Accessories > Brake Lathe Bell Clamps

Brake Lathe Bell Clamps

Applications included Hubless rotors, drums or flywheels.
Designed to be used in conjunction with centering cone and arbor spring.
Hubless Rotor setup:
  • Select the largest Bell Clamps that comes into contact with machined surfaces that have been cleaned free of rust, scale or other debris.
  • Use the same size Bell Clamps on both sides of rotor.
  • A silencer band MUST be used.
  • Composite rotors ALWAYS Require a Quality Composite Rotor Adapter.
Hubless Drum setup:
  • ALWAYS use the same size Bell Clamps on both sides.
  • Select the largest size Bell Clamps that will fully contact the flat surface without overriding the rim.
  • Mating surfaces should be clean and free of rust, scale or other debris.
  • A drum silencer MUST be used.
Bell Clamp Model No


Smallest 1” Bell Clamp – Optional

3.25" OD (83mm).
Included in Kit #436057 (qty 2)
fits any brands 1” Arbor.

Bell Clamp 434776


Small 1” Bell Clamp – Small Standard

4.06" OD (103mm).
Included in Accessory Group #434658 (qty 2), and Bronze Adapter Group #8010 (qty 2)

Bell Clamp 433704


Medium 1” Bell Clamp – Lrg. Standard

5.56" OD (141mm).
Included in Accessory Group #434658 (qty 2), and Bronze Adapter Group #8010 (qty 2).

Bell Clamp 433703


Large 1” Bell Clamp – Optional Truck

Bell Clamp 6.88" OD (175 mm).
Included in Kit #436054 Light and Medium Truck Set.

Bell Clamp 434776

* using the following “Step-down” adapters will allow lathe operator to
incorporate the following HD Bell Clamps on any 1” Arbor lathe.


Step-down Set 1-7/8” to 1”

Allows for use of 1-7/8" adapters on standard 1" arbor (433701). Includes three 535641 adapters. Can be purchased separately.

adapter set stepdown


HD 1-7/8” Bell Clamp – Medium

6.25" OD (159mm).
Included in HD Truck Adapter Kit #434658 (qty 2).

Bell Clamp 434648


HD 1-7/8” Bell Clamp - Large

9.75" OD (248mm).
Included in HD Truck Adapter Kit #434658 (qty 2).

Bell Clamp 434649

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