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Equipment > Brake Lathes > Parts / Accessories > Brake Lathe Accessories

Brake Lathe Accessories

Adapter Model No



Pre-Assembled Deluxe Bench with large Chip Tray, Heavy Duty construction to accommodate one brake lathe along with accessory pegboard storage above and under table. Extended bench top provides additional work space for brake hardware.

adapter 1


Dust Containment Unit Redesigned

Keeps the work area and surrounding inventory free from chips and dust particles. This version replaces previous model 436351 and allows for containment of larger rotors and drums. Shown with optional 436365 Shop Vacuum. (will operate with any quality vac but upgrading to a better quality HEPA filter vac will greatly increase dust control .

adapter 2


Chip Shield

Lexan Safety Shields protects lathe operators face from air-borne chip. Easily attaches to any 8900 series lathes work lamp.

Standard with model 8944.

adapter 3


Chip Deflector
and Anti-Chatter Silencer

Highly Recommended - Deflecting chips downward into chip tray reducing work area mess while shielding operator from flying chips. Also works in conjunction with or in place of conventional silencer bands. Easily mounts on any disc style rotor. Many technicians use a clip-on along with band style silencers for extra anti-chatter and improved surface finish.

adapter 4


Brake Bleeder – One Man

Our most popular one man operated vacuum bleeding system. Makes bleeding brakes a quick and clean operation. Prevents spilling of fluid and eliminates the need for numerous master cylinder adapters. Excellent for ABS systems.

arbor spacer

Micrometer – Rotor Wear Gauge

Required measuring device for all brake rotor resurfacing shops. Designed to measure wear and thickness variation of disc brake rotors. Allows technician to determine when to discard or resurface.


American Rotor Micrometer

(visit Tool Page for additional choices)

Brake Drum Wear Limit Gauges

Required to determine whether worn or scored brake drums can be safely machined or need to be discarded.


Drum Wear Gauge, Passenger Car

8”-14” (204-355 mm)


Extra Large Center-Hole Three-Jaw Chuck for 1-7/8” Arbor

Used for mounting heavy-duty hubless truck drums and rotors and any other items to be machined which have large center-holes (7.75" to 13.5"). 1-7/8" arbor and outboard support are required (434466).

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