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Equipment > Brake Lathes > Parts / Accessories > On Car Accessories

On Car Brake Lathe Accessories

Increase productivity of your On-Car-Lathe
with these adapters and accessories.

OCL Model No


Classic Mount Kit

Designed for the original OCL #8750. Kit includes mounting plates, shims and bolts for proper centering and alignment of lathe on caliper knuckles.

Recommend replacing with kit #876068

Dedicated Plates for Import Vehicles

Convenient if you consistently or frequently machine limited vehicle models.

Subaru / SK525
Nissan / SK-517
Mitsubishi / SK-518
Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 / SK-564
Nissan 300 ZX / SK-519
Lexus / SK-520
Lexus * requires 878316 / SK-574 & SK-417
Toyota / SK-522
Toyota / SK-523
Honda / SK-521
Toyota Previa / SK-529
Toyota Land Cruiser / SK-533
Toyota Camry / SK-524
Mazda / SK-536
Mazda / SK-537-B
Mazda Short Universal Plate / SK-532
Navajo-Slider Spider
Hyundai / SK-527-A
Chrysler / SK-545
Kia / SK- 542
BMW 3 Series / SK-541
BMW 5 Series / SK-555
BMW 7 Series / SK-557
Mercedes MB 100 / SK-531
Mercedes 300/C Series / SK-538
Mercedes S Series / SK-539
Jaguar / SK-558
Jeep Cherokee 1999 / SK-568
Jeep Cherokee / SK-544

Recommend replacing individual plates with USM kit #876068 which offers greater flexibility and broader range of vehicle mountings.


Universal Slide Mount Kit - Recommended

Designed for increased speed and simplicity of mounting the lathe assembly on the brake caliper ears. Replaces the 8700 Classic Kit. This Kit is included with OCL models 8800 and 8820.

Kit Includes the following:

  • #876069 Threaded Mounting Adaptor.
  • #876070 Non-Threaded Mount Adaptor.


Universal Slide Mount – Red Assembly

Designed for attaching Lathe to Threaded caliper knuckle.


Universal Slide Mount - Blue Assembly

Designed for attaching Lathe to Non-Threaded caliper knuckle.


USM Lengthening Adapter - Unthreaded

Increase range of rotor surface OCL can cover. Application includes most Trucks and SUV.
(Pair of Un-threaded adapters)


USM Lengthening Adapter - Threaded

Increase range of rotor surface OCL can cover. Application includes most Trucks and SUV.
(Pair of Threaded adapters)



8710 Drive Unit Yoke – standard
Fastens to rotors hub using one of the wheel nuts and allows auxiliary drive unit to steadily turn rotor while lathe resurfaces finish.

4 x 4 / SUV Drive Yoke – option
Larger and Deeper than the standard drive yoke (#878105), this optional deep yoke provides extra depth for the 8710 Auxiliary Drive Unit to connect with Truck and 4x4 hubs.



Carbide Inserts (package of 10)
replacement cutter for model 8700, 8750, and 8800 lathes.

Carbide Inserts (package of 10)
Use #878050 for model 8820 OCL.


Slider Spider Mounting Adapter

For vehicles with slide mounting calipers. ex: Ford or Mazda Navajo.


Ford E/F 250 and E/F 350 Adapter

For larger Ford mountings.


Non-Vented (solid) Rotor Silencer – Large

9.25” expandable solid band for dampening vibration during machining rotors and improving surface finish.

434061 Rotor Silencer


Non-Vented (solid) Rotor Silencer – Small

6.5” expandable solid band for use on smaller rotors.

433789 Rotor Silencer

Vehicle Manufactures Recommendations and Cutting Limitations

Specific model information for repair technicians.
NEVER machine brake hardware past the refinish or discard dimensions.

Brake Specification Guide – Rotor, Drum & Caliper

Updated annually – provides technicians with the complete specifications necessary to refinish brake disc rotors and drums. Includes domestic and import cars and light trucks. Specifications covered include Run-out Limit, Minimum Machining, Discard Dimensions and OEM recommended Microinch Finish.

Owner Manuals and Repair Parts List available via E-Mail.

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