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Equipment > Wheel Balancers > 1650

1650 Automatic Wheel Balancer – Discontinued

with ( VCD ) Vibration Control Diagnostic System

The Accu-turn 1650 is a fully automatic wheel balancer. It's large LCD monitor provides easy to read wheel balancing information with customizable viewing screens, that give the technician a choice of how information is displayed. User-friendly computerized set up menus guide the technician step-by-step through all balancing functions. Optional printer provides customizable printed feedback including: tire position, run-out measurement, correction information, and more. Multiple operator capability, allows up to 4 wheel technicans to work the wheel balancer at the same time, without the loss of wheel parameters. 3D automatic parameter entry measures tire radial run-out, rim eccentricity and rim width when the safety hood is lowered. Multiple balancing modes including PAX balance mode, tire matching, and hidden spoke mode. Hidden spoke program splits the inside weight and places the correct weight amounts behind the spokes ensuring the most attractive wheel balance, while still maintaining precise accuracy. Truck round-off mode to ensure proper balancing of light truck and SUV tires and wheels. Automatic tire matching suggestion when high static imbalance values are detected. Stop-on-top feature eliminates the need to rotate the tire to find the correction plane. Two brake systems featuring automatic brake after measuring run as well as foot activated spindle lock to guarantee accurate wheel weight placement. The Vibration Control Diagnostic System can diagnose rim and tire problems and suggest solutions. Quick 6 second balance cycle time.

accu-turn 1650 wheel balancer

This Wheel Balancer has been discontinued.
REPAIR and MAINTENANCE PARTS are still available.
Please contact us to order your parts.

Features of the 1650 Automatic Wheel Balancer:

  • Multiple Operators ( 4 )
  • Distance arm holds weight ( Accu-stik )
  • Stop at top outside of plane
  • Four balancing modes - ALU
  • Hidden spoke mode
  • Static and dynamic balancing modes
  • Match balance mode
  • PAX balance mode
  • Truck round-off mode
  • Automatic brake after spin
  • Inch / Millimeter toggle
  • Auto recalculation with changed parameter
  • Minimization of static unbalance
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Display screen saver
  • On board clock
  • Statistics
  • RS232 / C serial port output
  • Printer Compatible
  • Radial Eccentricity measure
  • Lateral Eccentricity measure
  • Rim Eccentricity measure
  • 10 - Languages
  • Quick nut centering device
  • 3 cone system
  • Wheel hood
  • Spindle-lock – foot activated
  • Rim width capacity 1.5” - 20”
  • Tire width capacity 21”
  • Rim diameter capacity 10” - 30”
  • Tire diameter capacity 42”
  • Max. wheel weight 165 lbs.
  • Accuracy .5 gram
  • Cycle time 6 sec.
  • Cabinet width ( to end of hood ) 50.5”
  • Cabinet depth ( with hood ) 53”
  • Cabinet height ( to top of display ) 60”
  • Motor 1.5 H.P.
  • Electrical requirements 220 volts
  • Weight 266 lbs.


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